Les Fantaisies

We started from a piece of blank canvas. 

Conceptualizing our dreams and have it converted into pieces of hand-drawn arts, LES FANTAISIES was formed by a group of underground Tokyo artists, who we all shared a similar passion on intermingling art into fashion as a media to get influenced and inspired.

We believe everyone should feel special and unique about themselves, everyone holds a characteristics that are different from others ;  We believe fashion isn't only about being comfortable, but also projects certain characteristics and styles through graphical prints -- This wonderland holds our dream.

Representing a lifestyle that could set ourselves free, LES FANTAISIES is about clothing that holds fantastic, original and creative designs through rint-transformed illustrations. Being originally hand drawn with different medias such as painting with watercolor, wood color, pastels, sketchings, line drawing…etc, we encourage people to breathe and live free with imagination.